Thursday, August 17, 2006

The city failed in gutting their industrial pretreatment program.

The employee they fired – came back! It seems that a little law, posted on bulletin board through out the city, had thwarted the city’s plans to relieve themselves of an employee.

The employee was admitted to the veteran’s hospital in Riviera Beach. He informed the city that he was undergoing chemotherapy and would be out of work on sick leave and ON FMLA LEAVE!

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993
The Family Medial Leave Act of 1993 requires that all employers with 50 or more employees provide this benefit to all employees effective August 5, 1993.
The act provides for up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave during a 12 month period for: birth of a child, adoption or foster care placement of a child, need to care for a child, spouse/domestic partner or parent with a serious health condition, or the employees own serious health condition which makes the employee unable to perform his/her job.

The city managers invoked a rule that anyone on sick leave must call in every day and if they don’t call in 3 days in a row, can be fired. It doesn’t matter how many years that employee has been with the city. MISS THREE DAYS OF WORK, DON’T CALL = FIRED!

That employee had to hire a lawyer to get his job back.

Three people had been hired to replace him - the first two quit. Who would want to work at a place lacking job security if better pay, benefits and job security can be found elsewhere?

Am I the only one to see something gravely wrong here?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I was informed that a meeting was held at the water treatment plant to inform all employees that they are not to have any contact with or talk with me. Upon learning of this, I phoned the lead shift operator phone number and talked with every one answering. I called several times until I covered all shifts. If I missed you, don't feel slighted, I will eventually try again.

I also sent this letter to the labor union. They have not replied.

Attention: National Conference of Firemen and Oilers SEIU Local 1227

Earlier this year, I gave a tour of the West Palm Beach water treatment plant to a (Union official) of local1227. I have since left the city. In part due to that tour,
my coworkers, many of them friends, have been order not to have any contact
with, or speak with me.

While the (Union official) and I both agreed that the city had a safety problem at their
plant, there has been no positive change since that time. The (Union official) later
notified me that the problem had been referred to the shop steward. If she did
anything about our concerns, it has not been enough for anyone to notice.

Since I am no longer a dues paying member of your union local, you need not do
any thing about this issue for my benefit, however there are a few union members
left at the water treatment plant who could use your assistance with the
abrogation of their civil rights by their employer.

Unless the right of free association has been lifted in this country or is no
longer available to employees of the City of West Palm Beach, I hope you can do
better than to deep six the issue with the shop steward this time.

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