Monday, July 03, 2006

Plant tour of March 3rd

The January 30 tour was given to a representative of the labor union. He simply pass the information on to the shop steward. To my knowledge, action by the labor union stopped there.

So, I again set up a tour, this time with the City of West Palm Beach Risk Management Department.

This is the agenda I gave them for the tour:

Risk Management tour of the Water Treatment Plant
March 3, 2006
4:30 PM

Wear proper attire and foot ware for a factory tour. You will be walking on steel gratings and open stringer stairways. Some areas have chemicals, dirt or cobwebs. The possibility of clothing damage exists.
Topic is “hazards to employees.”
Trip hazards: Hoses, pipes, open hatches and wires in walkways.
Violation of confined space rules. Re: high service pump #2, hand actuated valve access.
Chemical hazards. Ozone machinery room ozone leaks. Chlorine ton cylinder room is a dangerous anachronism. Most water treatment facilities have switched to chlorine bleach as a primary disinfectant.
.Disease hazards. Sludge press personnel handle sedimentation sludge that is not chlorine disinfected. (Ozone generation is only sufficient for periodic backwash water recovery.)
Condition of the filter media.


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